The Pact

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S.E Lynes knits the psychological thriller quite well as she introduces the mother and daughter who have nothing else in life except to love each other and take care of one another indoor and outdoor. Toni the mother is a widow and all she has is her precious daughter Rosie who is her life and Toni has given up thinking about herself, all she needs is her daughter love and all she cares is the well being of an only child. She educates her daughter quite well and apparently the two have no secrets that they hide from one another.

However their life drastically changes when Rosie is found on the hospital bed and she wants to tell her mother that why the whole thing happened but she fails to give words to her emotions the mother also desperate to know what happened to her daughter wants to go to the root of the matter but for this she wants to go back into her own past as well of which she never talks about anymore, not because she is afraid of it but because of a pact she made with her sister.

Toni and Bridget the two sisters buried their childhood long ago in order to protect their future from its harmful effects and they made a pact that they will not take help of anyone in this regard but for Toni it was time to break the promise for the sake of her lovely daughter whom she is willing to save at any cost. The family relation has been one of the writer’s favorite themes that can be seen in her other books as well like Mother and The Proposal. Tamsin Kennard narrates excellently and the listener is grabbed by the thriller with the magical voice.

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    The Silent Patient



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