The Priestly Sin

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Andrew M. Greeley surely has taken a bold topic for discussion, a topic that most people would leave aside because they think that it should rather be left untouched as it is associated with priests and religious. The writer’s opinions and point of view also prove to be authentic because he himself remain with the Catholic Church all his life as a priest and perhaps he narrates certain aspects that he himself noticed during his life with the church.

It takes the most serious case of all and that is sexual abuse, though the story is fictional as the writer has not given any relevant history related to it but it surely hints towards such criminal acts that are done by the people of the church as they fail to stand with justice. The church and the priests sometimes help their own causes which are against the religion as well. The story proves the fact that the sexual abusers are not that horrifying in nature as those who hide the facts and try to save these abusers just for their own personal motives.

Hiding truth is the most deadly sin that a person ever commits in this world. Herman enters the priesthood and leaves the love of his life that was Katherine a girl who was attached to him since childhood, but the moment he enters in priesthood he finds Lenny Lyon the father in the church who rapes one victim after another.

The question here arises is that should Herman leave the things as they are or he should stand against this act of Lucifer against humanity.  Herman finally, in the end, rises to the point where he proves himself to be a true priest of the Catholic Church. In addition to this one, you can also listen to The Bones Beneath Tom Thorne, Book 12 – Mark Billingham and The Little Drummer Girl – John le Carré.


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