The Primal Hunter 2

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    Zogarth proved two things from the first part i.e any ordinary man can become a hero, secondly, there is a wild side to every human being. We have a wild side all the time but we never get an opportunity to bring it out. Sometimes we don’t get an opportunity while on other occasions we feel shy in front of others.

    Jake was a simple office worker with no intentions of becoming a hunter but when the time came he started liking the thing more than his boring office job. He was born with such a passion but life never gave him an opportunity to Jake to get such wild in action. Travis Baldree is the narrator of the story and he has surprised many with the voice that he used in The Primal Hunter. No one expected that Travis would be able to narrate such an action packed story at such a high pitch but the narrator has proved his worth here.

    The Primal Hunter 2

    The Tutorial started in the first part and till now Jake has defeated three Beast Lords which means that he has been qualified for the finale. He has started liking this game-like zone because he is constantly gaining power by defeating his enemies.

    Jake wants to defeat the king so that the people of the earth can finally return to their home world but he thinks that he would not be able to live the same kind of life again. Wait for The Primal Hunter 3 and you will find the true evolution of the hero. He is going to be transformed into a legend for sure.

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    The Primal Hunter

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    1. Please….I hate when the protagonist gets written stupidly. You are an ranged fighter and have a downed opponent. So let’s walk up and try and stab instead of shooting from a distance.


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