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    He Who Fights with Monsters 10 A LitRPG Adventure (He Who Fights with Monsters, Book 10) By: Shirtaloon, Travis Deverell

    After a devastating attack leaves Yaresh in ruins, Jason and his adventurer allies find themselves embroiled in complex new tensions above and below ground. Though Jason helped defend Yaresh, his mysterious abilities have brought him unwanted scrutiny from all sides. Both the adventurers and divine messengers now question his loyalty and nature.

    Yet a dangerous, unstable power deep underground forces these wary factions into an uneasy alliance with Jason at the center. An ancient subterranean civilization has discovered a long-dormant power that now threatens to overload. With no group able to claim or control the power alone, strange bedfellows unite in veiled agendas.

    Jason, the adventurers, and the messengers all harbor intentions for this power as they descend into the unknown underground. But their designs will soon be disrupted. More players are at work than any of them realize, and far greater problems loom beneath the surface conflicts between allies and enemies.

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