The Primal Hunter 7 – A LitRPG Adventure



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    The Primal Hunter 7 – A LitRPG Adventure By Zogarth

    Upon reaching the Order of the Malefic Viper, Jake is enthusiastic about advancing his alchemical skills…

    However, reality often proves harsh. While striving to enhance his abilities, Jake must navigate the political intricacies within the Order. Balancing the concealment of his identity as the Chosen of the Big Boss, obligatory social gatherings, visits to vampires to trade ancient artifacts, and the actual pursuit of alchemical knowledge, Jake finds himself busier than ever.

    Earth continues to beckon. There, he aids friends in addressing family issues through a scenic road trip with Carmen and Sylphie. Along the way, he hopes to carve out time to track down the remaining Primas he requires—formidable monsters with unique key fragments—to participate in the forthcoming system event known as the Seat of the Exalted Prima.

    An event that, hopefully—no, certainly—won’t involve any unexpected Bloodline-induced antics.

    Absolutely not. Book 7 of the popular Primal Hunter LitRPG series has arrived. Secure your copy today!

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