The Smallest Tadpole’s War in the Land of Mysterious Waters Audiobook


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    The author of this book Diane Swearingen has given a clear, true story shot from the history when succession was in process and many of the states were trying to figure out their place in the world of tremendous succession period.

    The Smallest Tadpole's War in the Land of Mysterious Waters AudiobookThis is a true story from 1861 about Florida which is being termed as the smallest tadpole. The story has been given an excellent narration by the narrator Jim Seybert. The story continues featuring fiction filled true happening at that age. The author has creatively described the situation of the people at that time and the listeners would surely enjoy how the story continues and how it develops along the true storylines.
    It is a true historical fiction that describes the history in an engaging way and it starts with the character Henry and all of the people that are around him. The story actually shares the main character’s excerpts from the diary when he shares his memories all of his life from the time when he was only 10.
    It keeps flowing very well and provides all the events, trials, happenings and the various kinds of violent behavior the people faced in the historical times. The struggles they have faced and the story describes how people confronted the various trials that were imposed on them.
    The book entails more about all the daily struggles rather than a national level struggle telling about how each in every individual battled in his own life to get into a better life.
    Other books that the author has written and would surely be a good read for everyone who likes this book would be Raising Men, Not Boys, The Soul of Shame, and Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a Combat Helicopter Pilot.

    These stories are written featuring the true sides of life when people face their lives and they handle the various situations in their own unique way.


    The Smallest Tadpole's War in the Land of Mysterious Waters Audiobook

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