The Undead: Part 5

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Horror of the undead is increasing in this series by R.R. Haywood that has been continuing for a while now and every time we witness the next part we are amazed and awed.

The terror is so much enhanced that the creepy feeling transforms in the scary feeling towards the climax. Dan Morgan narrates in his own style that is becoming popular with the fans now. The narrator keeps the seriousness of the scenes intact and though there are a few relax occasions in some parts but Dan still keeps the same intensity.

The war between the dead and those who are trying to survive really starts to look go out of hand when Howie and his group feel that those whom they were helping have turned into their enemies.

Howie is forced to take shelter in a Navy supply vessel because the ship in which he and his crew were travelling got destroyed on the way. Now when the crew land on this vessel they finally find the biggest colony of the undead there ready to pounce on them. Then there are some children as well who have survived the deadly fangs of the undead and they want a savior at any rate.

As Howie tries to save the children the group of undead starts to attack him and his crew and thus the situation is bigger than ever with everything on the line for those who want to remain alive. If someone wants to get entertained by more of the undead tales he can go through FREE: The Undead and The Worldship Humility for the enjoyment of this saga. Nothing still is comparable to this fascinating little part that surpasses the rest of the series.

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