Dune Messiah


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Dune Messiah is a novel to remember for a long time. It is complete in every possible way, which you normally expect that how a classic science fiction novel should be like. This is all thanks to its writer, Frank Herbert, who has been phenomenal throughout this novel, especially with his creativity and characterization. The narration of this book is given jointly by a renowned team of narrators, which includes Scott Brick, Simon Vance, Katherine Kellgren and  Euan Morton. It is the 2nd book of the Dune novel series and 13th of the Dune Saga.

Dune Messiah

Dune, the epic, well-received, multimillion selling and highly engaging science fictional novel series continues with great enthusiasm and creativity by Frank Herbert. This second installment of the Dune series goes on to explore the many new dimensions and many new development on the Arrakis planet, which is al within the weird, intricate social order and a very threatening environment.

Dune Messiah is a story about Muad’Dib, whom you already know from the opening novel of the Dune series. He is an heir to unimaginable power and bringing to fulfilment an ambition of unbeatable scale. It is about the centuries old plan for the sake of creating a superhuman, who rules not only in the heavens, but over the men as well.

But the million dollar question raised in the novel is: “Do all the paths of glory leads to grave?”

This is what is further explored in the novel and by the conclusion, one could have a reliable answer to this question.

Good Emperor of Dune and Children of Dune novels from Frank Herbert have also earned great recognition worldwide by all literary writing lovers.


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    1. I actually stumbled onto this site while trying to locate an audio version of the next book in the Dune series. It’s so refreshing to see a whole set of books in a series on one site, instead of having most of them somewhere else, not knowing if you’ll be able to access the whole story!!
      Thank You, to all those involved in this project.
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      Thank you tokybook for all your work!

    3. I’ve been listening to this book for about a week. However when I tried to play it today the only track available is the welcome one. All of the story is gone. I can’t jump to my bookmark either. What happened?


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