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Timeless, A Drizzt Novel sums up some excellent fictional moments from the ancient history times. Just as expected, it is a beautiful science fiction, dark fantasy, which will keep you mesmerized for hours. The author of this book is R. A. Salvatore, who is good with projecting some excellent thoughts in a science fiction setting. Narration of this novel is given by Victor Bevine in his epic style and classy tone. The book is part 1 of the Generations novel series by the author.

A very young weapon master in Menzoberranzan (City of Spiders) earned the reputation, which was far ahead of his station and that of his small, old and poor house. This all was part of the time many centuries ago. Zaknafein was the name and some of the top nobles sees him, while Malice, a very resourceful Matron decided to take him as her own. Malice conspired with some of her rival houses in order to secure a prize for herself. But, then it was the deceitful Jarlaxle ultimately, who caught him.

This eventually resulted in the birth of two pivotal moments in the City of Spiders. The first one being the collaboration of weapon master and noble man, which could come up with Drizzt Do’Urden. The second one was the friendship between Jarlaxle and Zaknafein.

The author beautifully exposed the Underdark through the unlikely pair of eyes, while offering a very novice look over the opportunities and intrigue in order to be seen in the shadows. That also provided a desirable prelude in the line of all the journeys, which were undertook to shape up the Forgotten Realms of the modern day.

If you are looking more into science fiction novels by R. A. Salvatore, then the best and most engaging ones are Boundless: A Drizzt Novel and Homeland.







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