Tom Clancy Duty and Honor

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Grant Blackwood is a capable American thriller novelist and a ghostwriter. He has authored many interesting series including Briggs Tanner. He has also co-authored to reach the top 10 of the New York Times bestseller list. He is also a US Navy veteran. His love for books and writing is never-ending. Tom Clancy Under Fire is among his best fictional works to date.

Scott Brick narrated this chapter. It is needless to say how brilliantly he has done this job. The performance was complete and outstanding from all aspects.

Even Jack Ryan Jr. is forced to leave the Campus, but he still discovered himself occupied. He was caught in the crosshairs after a serious attack on his life got thwarted. He turned the tables on his would-be correspondent. He was sure that the attack is connected with his very recent intelligence operations with Ysabel Kashani, the Iranian national. Jack was determined to find out who wants him to be dead and what is the reason behind this.

Jack started with the investigation by maximizing the clues that he found from the case of the new dead assassin. This followed with a growing trail of corpses to the premier private security firm of the European Union.

The name of the firm was Rostock Security Group and it was founded and headed by Jurgen Rostock. He was a general in the Special Forces Command of Germany. Jack knows him from a special Campus mission that has links of RSG with a company.

Grant Blackwood tried his best to keep the created Jack Ryan universe by Tom Clancy alive. The effort was not that much good which could match the legacy of Tom Clancy or come somewhere near to the work of Mark Greaney.

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