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Patricia Cornwell has already established herself as a frontline writer of crime mystery novels. She has proven her mettle time and again with a range of exciting novels that she has written. The Last Precinct and Blow Fly are two of her quality novels that allowed the audience with a lot of literary entertainment. Both these mentioned novels are part of the Scarpetta novel series from which, the subject novel, Trace is also taken. Trace is a gripping mystery thriller and it is part 13 of the Scarpetta novel series. The author has done a splendid job in making this an unforgettable novel from the saga.

The audio narration of this chapter is done by Kate Reading. She did quite well with her controlled voice and expression, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

You will find Scarpetta working as a freelancer from Florida. She made a comeback to the place which turned its back on her some 5 years ago. Scarpetta in Trace travels to Richmond in Virginia at the odd request of Chief Medical Examiner, who was recently appointed on the post. She was summoned there to help the Chief Medical Examiner in solving a mystifying crime. Scarpetta soon after her arrival there discovered that there was absolutely nothing as per her expectations. She found her old lab in its last stages of demolition. This all wasn’t making things easy for her as she was well outside her comfort zone.

Trace without any doubt is a heart-stopping mystery thriller from the Scarpetta series. The author Patricia Cornwell truly deserves her bestselling writer status in America where her character of Scarpetta is immensely loved by all her fans and followers.




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