Treasure Island

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Robert Louis Stevenson and Marty Ross write the novel in thrilling sensation. The novel can also be termed as a travelogue as well as the captain and his crew move from one place to the other in the sea for the search of the island. The island is not only famous for the treasure but it is also famous for the notorious creatures or traps that it contains.

The novel also toward the middle describes Jim Hawkins in a totally different way as he becomes a totally different man because of his quest of the treasure.

Abraham Gray another one from the original version of the novel is presented as a totally changed person this time. In the original or the old version Abraham Gray was observed to be a strong and brave sort of a person but this time he appears to be a sheer coward and nothing else.

The other things like the pirates and the curse and magic attached to the treasure, even the lust for the treasure is the same. The development of the story is a neat one as there is no break between the events in writing.

However, in the narration department, we find a few pauses, but not long ones just a few second delays but that is because of the presence of more than one narrator in the story.

There are four narrators in the narration department and all Philip Glenister, Catherine Tate, Daniel Mays, and Owen Teale have played their role well. The narrators have selected different characters for themselves and perhaps this is the thing that causes a little delay in the narration because after each speech the narrator changes.




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