Two for Joy

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Two for Joy is another splendid novel by Sarah A. Denzil. It comes right after the engaging novel of One for Sorrow, where both are part of the Isabel Fielding novel series. The series and the subject novel is a mystery thriller, where you will be stunned with the level of suspense and some great storyline as well. Jasmine Blackborrow has done the narration of this novel and that was a reasonably good performance by the narrator.

Leah Smith now has a completely new name. She also has an entirely new job and a new house as well. Clifton-on-Sea, the quiet seaside town actually brought a great refreshing change in her life, which was in deep contrast with the gloomy hills of Yorkshire. No matter wherever she goes, but she couldn’t get far from her serial killer stalker. At least, this is what she thinks.

A new name was not just enough for her to run away from her past. She also needed to come to terms with all the past events, which happened in the Crowmont Hospital, especially when the police found the maimed body of a young woman. Tom and Leah struggled hard with all the consequences of their actions and how they have reached the point of committing a murder.

Sarah A. Denzil is a novice but a good writer. Yu will find a lot of novels by her that are good in quality of literary writing and extremely fascinating as well. Mystery thrillers with suspense is her go to genre, which is quite tempting and has a great range of followers. A couple of god quality novels from the author, which are worth listening in their audio format are: Silent Child and The Liar’s Sister.

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    One for Sorrow

    The Broken Ones


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