Window on the Bay

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The Debbie Macomber as an author mesmerized her audience with a fantastic novel with brilliant characterization and amazing level of suspense and thrill. Her efforts were equally well reciprocated by a team of narrators that includes Tavia Gilbert, Errin Bennett, Karissa Vacker and the author Debbie Macomber herself.

Jenna Boltz, the main character of this novel finds her life at a crossroad. She just came out of a messy divorce from her husband after 20 years of marriage. Her husband by profession was a surgeon. Post-divorce, she raised her two kids all on her own, while juggling between her beloved job as a nurse and motherhood. Now, both her kids, Allie and Paul have moved out and going to college, so Jenna now has all the time in the world to think about her future.

Her closest buddy, Maureen is very excited to find out about the newfound independence of Jenna. Se though that this is the right time to finally book their long awaited trip to Paris. But, when it is about dating, Jenna is still uncertain of she wants to get in love once again. Soon, a very strange encounter happened, which changed her thinking altogether.

You will find yourself with a lot more of entertainment, if you get to read the other popular novels by the great author, Debbie Macomber. Two of his most renowned novels include, Cottage by the Sea and Last One Home.

Dr. Rowan comes to the scene as a helpful doctor who treats Jenna’s elderly mother from a broken hip. Jenna was getting attracted towards the surgeon, but she was afraid to get in love with another surgeon.

so, if you want to get the whole story out of this audiobook and into your mind, then you can give some time to listen to it for sure.



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