Wolf Who Rules

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Seeing Tinker in the first book stunned many and for others, she was a character that needed a proper praising. Apparently, for the town, the girl was just an ordinary hardworking girl who runs her business in the quiet town but this is not what she is from the inside at the time of trouble. From the inside, she is the true hardcore warrior which cannot be tamed at any rate by the opponents who wish to capture her hometown. That’s all that Wen Spencer told us in Tinker, this is the next step towards a war that is igniting slowly in the hearts and on the land.

Half breed and half-human don’t believe in the rule of draconian Oni who wishes to capture the elven land. Elven land is with a new princess i.e Tinker who does not make any conversation with the enemy rather she believes in a cut-throat attitude. With her technology, the girl can outsmart every enemy but this does not mean that she does not possess allies.

Over the past years, she has developed quite a reputation among her followers and they have gathered around her like a wall. Tanya Eby narrated Tinker’s character in the first part and she has done it here too. In the third part, Elfhome also has Tanya’s voice which will make the listeners feel quite a comfort. Going along with the same voice brings more association and an emotional charge in the mind of the people listening to it from the first book. Villains also appear to be forging in this second part and they will attack with more power in the third surely.

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