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    Conspiracies have been going on in the elves’ world for an unknown period. When Tinker came to this planet she was unaware of the situation, as she started getting control of the land she realized the dangers that were approaching. Enemies exist between the ranks of the ruling house and they are tough to uproot. The landing of Tinker in such a situation was a blessing for the land because she is not reluctant to keep any weakness in her rule. An evil gang of ill-doers is kidnapping the children of the elves for some time and they are experimenting with them to create a crossbreed.


    Not only the crossbreed would be dangerous for the remaining elves but also this would help the oni gangsters to launch an attack on other planets like the earth. Tinker the heroine emerging in Tinker and Wolf Who Rules comes with her most destructive weapons ever against the enemies who have reached the homes of her people. Not only her people are at stake but the fate of the earth is also becoming dark after every passing second.

    Battle on all sides has started and it will not end with a peace talk. Days of peace and prosperity are finally over and at the end of the war, there would be dead bodies and ashes which the survivors will witness. The author of the series Wen Spencer is not only increasing the intensity of war but the author is also increasing the potential of Tinker against the odds. Tanya Eby’s narration goes on in the lovely style which is as famous as this series now.

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