A Certain Hunger

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A Certain Hunger is a literary fiction book written by Chelsea G. Summers. It is a stunningly sinister and a seductive debut thriller by the author, which received great reviews and feedbacks from critics and general listeners of this audiobook. For a debut novel, it is one hell of a sensation for the audience, which Chelsea has got to offer. You will definitely love it to the maximum.

Dorothy Daniels, a food critic get in with her homicidal urges by brutally killing her lovers and then she used to devour their organs. The novel is quite intense with a lushly and viscerally told story of sex, food, power and pursuit of a very specific taste, which is set in between Italy and New York.

The story of this novel makes it a literary equivalent of a car wreck right on the side of some highway. You all know before getting into this novel that it is all grisly stuff, but nobody can resist it anyway, once they start going through its narration.

Dorothy Daniels is definitely heinous, but without having any fevered conscience like that of Dostoevsky Raskolnikov.

The narration of this novel is done by Hillary Huber, which is a huge bonus for the audience. The narrator had that special seductive and sensual voice, which was the demand of the characters that she had to play in this dark, joyful, hilarious, sexy and an amazing novel.

The performer had the right voice to cover all such aspects of the story, which she managed to do beautifully. She has a catchy prose style of narration and that is actually the unique selling point of her voice.

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