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Rod Reid has chosen a topic that is quite interesting and threatening at the same time. The theme is not only wisely selected by the writer but also the investigations and the research are complete. The novel informs us about a new social network that is created and within no time it captures people like an addiction.

Phluttr the new social network becomes the gossip of the town in no time and provides its users all the things that they need or demand from it, it appears to be an ideal matchmaker for some, for others it appears to a doorway towards sex, the more it develops the more it starts to amaze the public and also its creators.

But as the human world is full of people that want to use different things for the achievement of their own personal goals Phluttr within no time becomes a network that starts working on the fingertips of the rich businessmen and politicians and becomes something that could start a nuclear war even.

The novel is boldly written and the satire on the social networks along with their uses and abuses is quite clearly written. Rod’s writing style is the same as that which can be found in Year Zero. There are many narrators that are used in the description of the novel, narrators like January LaVoy, Sean Kenin, Patrick Rothfuss, John Hodgman, Jesse Cox, and Leo Laporte have played their parts well in playing the role of different characters of the story.  The plot is compact; the message is a strong one and a rather grim prediction of the future is also there.


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