All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

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Janelle Brown just keeps on producing one masterpiece and then another and the author never tires; every novel gives us a fresh new approach. This time the narration too is sensational because it is strengthened with Rebecca Lowman’s voice.

In the novel the women of the Miller family thought they had everything that they needed in life and have been trying to get or achieve over the years. Janice the mother is the first one who receives the bad news about her ill fate; she was hoping that the wealth that her husband has attained would help her in fulfilling her desires. Ironically the wealth took even her husband away from her as he married another girl and divorced her.

All her plans in life that she looked forward to are all dashed to the ground with the divorce. This is not the end of the miseries, her eldest daughter gets a kick from her boyfriend and her magazine business also goes to ashes within weeks. The third and the youngest one in the Miller family get a shocker when she learns that her popularity in the school was just a smoke screen.

The mother along with her two daughters face hell after the only man in the family leaves them bankrupt. Pretty Things and Watch Me Disappear was about family troubles too but here the three ladies face hatred from the society along with deceit and unlimited fraud. There is no male member in the society that shows readiness to help them and they have no choice except to face everything with patience and try to save what is left of their dignity.

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