An Echo in the Bone

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An Echo in the Bone is a thrilling new book in the series of Outlander it is the 7th installment it. The new release assures that the listeners will be surprised to see the new ventures and the unexpected events they will see.

This novel lives up to the expectation of the Saga lovers. People who have been listening to the previous books in it. Just like the way the author Diana Gabaldon gives chills and thrills in the life of the Outlander that is the Claire, will astonish you again.

This book brings in the most unexpected events in the life of Claire and her husband Jamie. They know America will win the conflict. After they win no other way will be there in this era.

The story is full of all colors, characters, emotional effects, and wonderful feelings. People who know the background of this time-travel saga series will enjoy more this time.

Again, the voice of Davina Porter keeps mesmerizing everyone. With the fluent storyline with the effects that keep listeners indulged in the story.

Since there is no predicting what will happen despite that Claire knows more than others. The listeners will be saddened to know the upcoming truths.

There will be a point when Jamie will be pointing his gun on his son and he also never knows he will survive or not.

Now both of them know what is going to happen. Clair’s time travel enables her to know things ahead. But there is no way to change things that are going to be wrong.

An Epic novel that will carve the events on your memory and will leave an unforgettable impression. You will be imagining things along Claire and will be able to feel the pain they both feel.

You have seen Claire confronting and tackling anything she knows in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager but this time Jamie and Claire have to face the most unwanted conditions.




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