An Unwanted Guest

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Since her debut this novel has been Shari Lapena’s showcase novel indeed. We have read many of her works that make our hair stand on most occasions but this one is an awesome compact tale. No weakness can be seen and there is no delay in any of the place that would be called sluggishness from a reader’s point of view. The story does not take place in a house as it was seen in The Couple Next Door and A Stranger in the House. This time it is the inn being run by Catskills and Mitchell.

The inn is located somewhere between the woods and is a cool place to rest from the busy city life at the same time it is a perfect spot to bury a secret or commit a crime as well. Even in bad weather when the connections of all sorts are cut from the outside world the guests live in complete merriment with no fear of losing their time and no busy routines.

However no one ever expected that it would prove to be a slaughter house as one of the guests has gone mad. The trouble is that no one knows who he is they just find one dead body after the other though the first one was considered as an accident but the second one is not a coincidence.

With the connections all cut the guests are on their own to survive until sunrise. The narration of such stories is always a tough job as the really sap the energy out of your voice, the ever lively Hillary Huber provides the sensation to this novel with a scintillating voice.



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