And Eternity, Incarnations of Immortality, Book 7


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    Immortality is the wish which is there in the heart of every mortal being. All of us want to gain immortality in one way or another other but such great powers always come with a price. The price is often so great that a person thinks that he cannot bear it. Piers Anthony has talked about the incarnation of immortality, throughout the series. The primary characters in this series want to get immortality because of some special purpose and when their purpose or motive is fulfilled, they start thinking that they have lost more than they have gained.

    Wielding a Red Sword and For Love of Evil proved that the heroes were not comfortable even after getting all the powers in the world. Barbara Caruso narrates the last chapter of the series in the same lyrical way that she has used throughout the series. Orlene is not in the world of the mortal anymore so this time the story does not possess much connection with the human world.

    And Eternity, Incarnations of Immortality, Book 7

    The author takes us to a world where the selection to be good or bad is still open. Orlene is in the afterlife and she establishes contact with two female characters. One of those characters is Jolie and the second one is someone who is quite close to Satan. These three women try to find a way to get out of the trouble they have found themselves in. Vita also joins them but she is not like the other characters because she happens to be a mortal being which means that she has to keep in mind her limits. If Vita crosses those limits then she would not be able to return to the surface.

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