Unicorn Point


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Parallel worlds do exist in this series even if no such thing exists in the real world. Piers Anthony’s masterpiece will make you believe that such worlds are there and they exist very close to us. Even when we are not paying attention, there are people like us who are living different lives in the parallel world. It does not matter as long as we don’t know them and about their world but when the two parallel worlds collide, it becomes an entirely different thing. Mach and Bane are trying to stop that collision because it would eat up everything or in simple words, people from both worlds will end in smoke.

The struggle reached its maximum level in Juxtaposition and Out of Phaze after which the situation shifted in a new direction. There are people from both sides who are acting like a strong network and they are thinking about their own goals and not about the people living on both sides. There is an invasion that is coming to both worlds very soon and the robot and his friend wizard are the only hope that no one has cared to support.

Unicorn Point

Piers Anthony is coming to the finale of the series slowly and everything is going to be concluded sooner or later. Traber Burns seems to be quite excited this time as well and one thing is for sure i.e the narrator is also excited to narrate the ending of the series. Burns has invested quite a lot of time in the show and he wants to end it in his own style. Just wait for the end because you have a lot more to see in this series.


And Eternity, Incarnations of Immortality, Book 7

Phaze Doubt


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