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    The war and romance situation continues as we enter to the next portion of the series “Ruined” by Amy Tintera.

    In which the band of the two sisters is finally together as Emelina has remained successful in freeing her sister from the deadly fangs of the enemy. And now, she has returned to her homeland from the enemy territory.

    Olivia was actually living a life of imprisonment in the enemy kingdom since she kidnap when she was just a child. Now as the two sisters come to Ruina they have one single motive that is to restore the original shape of their motherland.

    But the problem is that each sister has a way of her own in mind to improve the country. Emelina is entangled in the love of the prince Casimir and thinks that he would prove to be a better king. And thus peace can be established through this as the two countries understand each other in a better way.


    Olivia, however, living a life of a prisoner for most of her youth wants revenge. And at the same time she does not trust the enemy. She is of the view that the love of the prince is just a smokescreen that is covering the eyes of her sister. Thus would result in a bigger disaster for their country in the long run.

    A nice tale if it is read along with the other two books Allied and Ruined as the series is in continuation and one cannot understand a single part if he lacks the details in his mind about the characters in action. The narration at the prime scenes really worth’s the money as Emily Rankin has done a fabulous job.

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