Beautiful Redemption

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No matter how much Ethan and Lena have tried, they have not been able to unite as they hoped when they first met. Ethan was dying in the first part and then he was saved by Lena after which she lost many things. Secret passages then led Ethan to strange places and Link helped him back to Gatlin. Due to all these issues the two are far away from one another, Lena is desperate to bring Ethan back to her but it is not easy at all. She knows that she has to leave many precious things for Ethan but the girl is ready.

Lena goes to her enemies in order to get some help from them in the process. Though the enemies are not trust worthy but there is no other visible option for the Caster girl. Possibilities are there that the enemies might deceive Lena on the crucial time but she is ready to take the risk. Ethan on the other hand sees the fulfillment of his dreams that he saw in Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness. He used to see in his dreams that he was taken away from his beloved town by some unknown force.

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That force takes him away from Lena as well which is more heart breaking for him. In his absence there are chances that Lena would take rash decisions and this thing makes him more terrified. Thus the novel moves in a tense situation throughout the chapters.

Two narrators have completed the narration of this final part i.e Kevin T. Collins and Khristine Hvam because it was not possible for one person to hold both sides of the story.  Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have used all their skills for the finale and performed a stupendous job.



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