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    Another new author for the creation of next episode of the “Horus Heresy” series, the series has been rocking no matter who the author was. Aaron Dembski-Bowden the one who wrote The First Heretic and Soul Hunter has stepped up for this part. Another crusade has started and the primarch might not be able to survive this one because the enemy comes in huge number from all sides.

    It’s time for the Shadow Crusade in which the World Eaters and Angron have landed as a single unit which is a bad new for whoever comes in the way. The two eat every start system that comes in their way and there is no one to stop this deadly force this time. The Ultramarines that were the only hope of this region got a heavy blow on CalthLorgar which really broke their true strength.


    Author has painted the war scenes magnificently but there are a few hero figures emerging in the beginning of the novel which makes the audience a bit awed because the heroes are really not fighting to their full potential. It was done so that the heroes could emerge in the later stage dramatically but such start with too much pessimism around usually makes the listeners lose interest in the first half.

    Here the role of the narrator emerged and Jonathan Keeble is not the man who loses grip on a tale. The audio proves to be excellent and Jonathan’s voice is not allowing you to go anywhere until the story come to the last word. The author could have prolonged the war scenes but that was not done still those shot depictions are ample to provide energy to the fans.

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