Black Mountain

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We are taken back to the origin of or the birthplace of Alex Hunter or the birthplace of his powers. The mysterious powers that have been helping him since the time he remembers. But he never knew how he got those powers and who he really is in the first place.

This time he awakes with a blank memory and with a woman whom he does not recognize. And more troubling than this are the voices in his head that are calling him to return to the Black Mountain. That is supposed to be his home and the host of a legend that is better to be kept buried in the depths of that mountainous region.

It is evil in the air that can engulf everything that Alex once knew and loved. The part is different from the previous parts like Beneath the Dark Ice and Dark Rising. Because this one is subjective in approach. And thus, talks about Alex’s personal life more than any other issue. The team is also not present around him anymore and it’s a war to know about his true identity and the purpose of his powers.

The finding of an artifact by Professor Matt Kearns and the human-like person found half-dead are the aspects of the story that make it more complex. But as we move towards the climax everything starts blending into a one single unit quite nicely.

The story becomes crystal clear in front of our eyes. Thus the reader don’t face the trouble of going through the text again and again in order to find out what has happened in the first place.

Greig Beck once again keeps the story endless. Which means that new parts are yet to come and we will watch our hero fighting tough battles once again. Sean Mangan has now become a special ingredient of the series. It’s a good thing that no experimentation is done with the narration. Because changing the narrator at this point could prove catastrophic.

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