Black Swan Green

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Black Swan Green is a literature genre fiction novel by David Mitchell. He has written 7 novels so far, where a couple of them helped him earn nomination for the highly prestigious Booker Prize. Cloud Atlas is one of those novels and probably the best that the author has written so far. Another exciting novel from the author is The Bone Clocks which is god enough for the fictional lovers to have a great literary time with.

The narration of this chapter is done by Kirby Heyborne who managed to give a top performance, which is endorsed by many positive reviews and feedback received.

The Black Swann Green story spans over a single year in the life of Jason Taylor, a 13 year old boy. The story is set in the muddiest Worcestershire’s sleepiest village and during the cold war of 1982 in England. The author made it a profound, funny, elegiac and a pointed tale that comes with rich stuff of life. This novel is also regarded by the critics as the best achievement of the author till date. The brilliant writing will take audience back to their own childhood and relating the scenarios of the characters in the novel with themselves.

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David Mitchell is a highly imaginative and a daring young writer. His style of writing is quite fresh and unique and that puts him in the league of the most versatile and talented writers of his time. The book overall has a great story and reputation for inspiring the audience to read or listen this book from cover to cover. The best part is how the writer manages to capture the pleasure of being a young boy. Member Benefit

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