Bloody Bones

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The boring duty assigned to Anita Blake becomes interesting as she finds herself in the middle of another deadly adventure. Laurell K. Hamilton just puts more and more challenges in front of Anita to show her true development in front of the audience. Past stories told the audience about a lady who was at first not familiar with her true powers.

Later as she fought hard against the enemies her powers just bloomed out. Currently, Anita is assigned a mission to take care of the zombies, on her arrival she finds the horrifying news of murders, and her attention is directed towards the case. The case is linked to a madly active vampire and it means that Anita too has to summon the leader of the vampires’ i.e Jean Claude.

Jean showed a lot of interest in Anika during Guilty Pleasures and The Laughing Corpse. The vampire is still mad about her and wants to keep her as his tamed lady but Anita is in no mood of serving him more than the bond that is signed between the two. Together the two unite here for a professional task which Jean tries to convert into a personal one. In the end, the two do get the criminal but a lot has been awoken between them during all of this.

The narration was amazingly good; Kimberly Alexis can now be termed as an expert in the vampire business. The narrator truly knows how to play with the punch lines and which characters need highlighting at which stage of the novel. Not only Anita but also Jean’s character gets the full attention of the narrator all the way.


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