Book of the Dead

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Book of the Dead fares well as compared to its prequel named, Predator, which was a total disaster. However, Patricia Cornwell is a highly proficient writer and you can easily trust her to entertain you with her magical writing skills for hours. She is known for her mystery thrillers and the subject novel is one of them. The Book of the Dead is chapter 15 of the Scarpetta novel series. A few other good novels from the author include the likes of Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller.

Kate Reading has done the narration of this chapter, which was quite an average performance.

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Scarpetta right after her tough battle in Florida with a psychopath decides that it is the right time now to change her pace. She has now moved to South Carolina and has started with her private forensic practice. She also had the services of her former colleague Pete Marino and Lucy her niece who is a cybersecurity expert. They use to offer an investigation of crime scenes and also autopsy services to the South Carolina community.

It was all of an ideal situation for her but only until her new challenge starts with the local politicians of the city. They had entrenched interests with those with covert attempts in sabotaging. This was seen al before experiencing a series of murders and several other violent acts leading to the deaths of people.

A lot of fans and followers believe that this or the last novel should be the last one in the Scarpetta series as well. The writing quality has drastically dipped and the fans were highly disappointed. The majority of the characters here seemed to be childish and failed to create an impression.


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