Carter Diamond

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Often it is said that a person is strong in a group as there are a lot of hands that can help or aid you. If you stand alone against the world then it becomes tough to face all the difficulties which come in your path.

Most of the time the hardships tend to break you down and the zeal to survive and strive is damped. Ashley and JaQuavis also start the tale of such a man in this first part of the series. A man who is alone against all the difficulties in life but the new thing is that these issues are not wearing him down rather they are pumping him to stand against all the odds. Before the establishment of the cartel, there was nothing the man had except his will to rise high.

Thus he fought against everything he faced on the Miami streets and finally emerged as the biggest drug lord in the town. Becoming Carter Diamond was never easy for him however once he established the cartel everything became fish and chips for him in the years to come. He kicked out the rival gangs and also the law enforcement agencies came down on their feet against him.

Cary Hite narrates the story of a man who always had courage in his heart to rise against the difficulties one strange thing is that he chose the wrong way to rise. It is just the prologue to Carter Diamond, Part Two, and The Cartel but without this, a listener would never be able to know fully about the man who laid the foundation of the cartel. Also, the book has reasons because of which the cartel was created and the motives the founder hand in mind.

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    Carter Diamond, Part Two


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