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Cosmos is a brilliant thought provoking book by Carl Sagan about astronomy and the science and technology surrounding this exciting subject matter. The narration of this highly grasping book is given by a team of narrators, which includes, LeVar Burton, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth Macfarlane and Ann Druyan.

Cosmos book is regarded as one of the finest books that you will ever come across in science. It is also the best-selling book in the science subject, which many people found to be highly inspiring and engaging.

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It is mainly because of the fact that the things discussed in this book would challenge your thinking and the existence of this world. Segan in the book reveals a blue world of jewel type, which is populated by a life that is just starting to find out about its own identity and also to endeavor into the enormous sea of space.

Cosmos book also dig into the past and as deep as 14 billion years ago to reveal facts about the cosmic evolution, which have changed matter into perception, while discovering such subjects as the source of life, spacecraft missions, the human brain, the death of Sun. the Egyptian pictograms, the evolution of galaxies, the powers and all those people, who helped in bringing science to its current state.

The book also has the introductory music by Vangelis’s ‘Heaven and Hell’.

Overall, you will find this book as a great source of inspiration and many questions about this world and human existence would wrestle your mind.

The other books from the author Carl Sagan that you must listen to are Pale Blue Dot and The Demon-Haunted World. Both are nonfictional novels and on the Astronomy subject matter, which is a known thing from writer, Carl Sagan.



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