Cross the Line

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Most of the time people think that the law enforcers are not doing their duty well but this thought does not force them to go against the law. Some get so much frustrated because of the bad behavior of the law enforcers that they take the law into their own hands. The bad behavior of a police officer or any corruption from his side does not allow us to take the law into our own hands because this too is a criminal act according to the law book.

If all the people of the land go rogue in such a way then the whole world would be in a state of Chaos. James Patterson talks about such a case here in which a mad man has decided to establish law and order in the state on his terms. The first step which this mad man takes is to eradicate all the corrupt police officers of the town. He is not going to the court or police station for justice rather he has his gun which decides everything.

The first murder of a police officer makes the whole department active and the mayor quickly wants Alex on the case because he has faced such criminals before in stories such as Cross My Heart and Hope to Die. Time is the basic thing in this case because if Alex takes more time in solving the case there would be more dead bodies to deal with.

The murderer wants to kill as many as he can to wipe out corruption from society. Ryan Vincent Anderson and Peter Bradbury first give a lot of time to Alex’s character during narration after which their focus shifts to the criminal. It was a one person at a time situation in narration till the end of the scenes.

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