Dark Heir

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Faith Hunter earned a huge fan base with her highly incredible Jane Yellowrock novel series. It is an immensely powerful paranormal science fiction fantasy novel series. The novel like Dark Heir and many of its prequels played a pivotal role in making Jane Yellowrock what it is today.

Dark Heir is the 9th chapter of the series and the Jane Yellowrock story continues with the same enthusiasm and interest building for the audience. Another great thing that didn’t changed even till the 9th chapter of the series is Khristine Hvam, who is the narrator of this novel. Her voice is magical and the performance was absolutely magnificent.

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Jane Yellowrock, the shapeshifting skinwalker is just the best one in the business, especially when it comes to killing vampires. But, this time, her latest fanged enemy might be well above her pay grade.

For a number of centuries, the immensely ruthless and resourceful vampire witches from the European Council have lived a good part of their lives on Earth and controlling many of the governments. They were also responsible several times for creating huge political conflicts, fostering war and even at times leave the outright obliteration in their wake. One of the most resourceful of them all had a task cut out to create havoc in the New Orleans City.

Black Arts and Shattered Bonds are a couple of highly rated novels written by Faith Hunter. Both these novels are part of the Jane Yellowrock novel series and this means that you will be up for some really amazing paranormal science fiction fantasies in their audio formats.

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