Didn’t See That Coming

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Planning for the future is a dream that we see every night then waking up in the morning and taking steps for it happens to be the whole thing. People like to see their dreams becoming reality in front of their eyes after all this is what they live for. Then for some people, the result of their dreams comes exactly opposite to their expectations. In such a situation life becomes a living hell for the people facing tragedies and all they want is to get rid of their lives. As a result of losses and failures, people usually commit suicide or become addicts to one thing or the other. Keeping hopes alive in such circumstances and trying to keep calm is an impossible thing.

No one can cool down when he loses a loved one or his job all of a sudden. Saying brilliant things about success and ways to tackle failures is easy but going through it is a tough ask. Rachel Hollis also talks about the happening in life for which you were never ready. You weren’t expecting a loss of business or any big calamity on the other side of the road.

But things like this do come in your life and tackling these tragic surprises is everything. Rachel Hollis narrates this with full energy because the author has gone through all of such things in her life. She has talked about it in Girl, Wash Your Face, and  Girl, Stop Apologizing (Audible Exclusive Edition) before. As compared to those books this one is more sentimental because the author talks openly about her divorce and the people she lost all of a sudden. The author gives her an example at every step to make the listener motivated.

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