Earth Valor

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The action is back and so are the sentiments in this sixth part of the “Earthrise” series by Daniel Arenson. Thank God the old narration style is back and Jeffrey Kafer is not experimenting anymore with the style that was already perfect. The last time there were a lot of pauses but this one is smooth sailing. The scum never brought the human race down on the knees as they were willing to fight back and they were so much positive that they destroyed the enemy planet in a suicidal mission.

This time however the enemy proved too big for the entire race, also the humans lost a lot of their fire power in the battle against the scum and they were not expecting another invasion so soon. The hero of Earth Lost and Earth Rising  is not mentally fit after the mission that took him close to the point from which there is usually no return. But the hero survived that havoc and now people of the earth want another heroic effort from him in order keep the previous one alive.

Desperate need of allies make them search the entire galaxy and they hope for the certain myths to come true for them. It is the right time to die for the home planet but would that sacrifice be enough to safeguard that is the birth right of every human being. It is like reading an epic full of chivalry and a lot of chat about warfare and bloodshed, even the enemies cannot say that their lives are safe as the human try to fight back with the enemy.

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