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Planning a perfect life is good and what if your life is being planned by fate and you don’t have to bother about it. Lola Watson thought about the same thing i.e leaving her life in the hands of fate initially. She thought that her life was going very well because she had the job which she always wanted and she got blessed with a big house after the death of her aunt.

Though the neighbors were a bit noisy it was not a big problem at all for the twenty nine year old. It was a time to enjoy and relish the pleasures of life but at such a stage, Lola’s little sister sneaks in and announced her marriage. Author Karen McQuestion quickly brings a change in her major character at this stage because she wants to make her little sister jealous and her sister was also doing the same thing.

Her sister was marrying the man of her choice on Lola’s thirtieth birthday. Lola’s close friend suggests that she should also announce her fake engagement on the wedding day so that everyone can finally feel how lucky she really is. Ryan i.e the handsome man living next door seems to be the best option for Lola and she thinks that it would be a surprise that her sister would not be able to forget.

As the two come closer their relationship gets transformed in an entirely new way which they never hoped at the beginning. Kate Rudd’s narration at this point tells everything because she has used the spark of love in the voice. The Moonlight Child was different but Hello Love was approximately the same kind of story. Thus we can say that the author is trying to work on two different themes at the same time.

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