Faulty Prophet

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Colin was an agent who used to sell insurance policies to people for a livelihood but this has become a thing of the past now. He has set foot in a different domain now after being frozen for a long era. Humanity has gone extinct along with its trends and technology, only Colin now remains who is being praised as a relic now. The religious cult which saved Colin from the ill fate needs to prophesy which he was destined to bring to them. The people of the cult were sure that Colin is the one who was destined to bring something special to them. Well, they were right about Colin but there is a little problem now i.e Colin has forgotten all about the message in his fuss. Karl Beecher makes the life of Interstellar Caveman tougher by making him forget the cause of his arrival.

Colin has become useless once again but Evangelist does not believe that Colin is not the prophet. Meanwhile, Colin’s illness once again starts troubling him and he starts thinking about his survival instead of the earth. Even if he survives his illness the cyborgs were enough to kill him anyway. Hanson finally takes Colin to the destroyed earth without his will. The rest of the gang follows and Colin is found in extreme mental stress because he just cannot believe that he has traveled all this way to save the earth and the future. He is not the kind who would take part in any kind of adventure or action. Even if it is a mistake to chose Colin as a prophet the human race and earth are left with no other way. Steve West adds more sparks and the narrator believed that there was more to the story than mere humor.

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