Fire from the Sky Friendly Fire, Book 6

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N.C. Reed puts another angry young man’s story into play and the boy is not only hell of a fighter, he is stubborn to the core. Whenever Clayton Sanders gets a thing in his head he gets the job done without worrying about the consequences. Story about his youth is just there to tell the toughness of the guy, he had a craze about army and the day he thought he was able to apply he left his house without a notice.

He returns home a decade later and once again without any notice, during this span of time he never talked to any of his family members and never informed them anything through mail. Now he is back and he thinks that he can spend some peaceful days in the farm which he missed after all he has taken care of the old enemies of his father.

So no enemy around for a while and then the call from the squad with which Clayton was working ignites things up. Some issues were there on the west and the squad thinks of them as minor things and concentrates more on the reunion.

Quite disturbingly the reunion destroys the union between the team and then things are settled through Friendly Fire. Clayton is hell sure that in this divided state they are nothing more than sitting ducks for the enemy. Official narrator Lee Alan has become a true master in the narration of this series, Lee is exactly aware what the author wants to convey to the fans each time. Starting new series after this one means you are going to pick Parno’s Company and Parno’s Destiny by N.C. Reed. Approximately the same kind of situations and characters can be seen and this is what the fans want from the action pack series of the author.

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