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Ruby Dixon’s second part in the series still harps on the same string, the dragon wants to convince Claudia for the mate and he is even romantic about it. The dragon is transformed into a typical lover in this part and while listening to the story sometimes start thinking that these lines are the lines of a man and not a dragon who is in love with a beautiful girl. The dragon is possessive about the girl as he thinks that she is a gift for him from the heavens and she is for him for the taking. He wants to drain out the fear that she has in her mind about dragons, but the thing that keeps her far is not only fear, she also wants to escape from this deadly world and a bond could entrap her forever in this hell.

The concept of human females decreasing the dragon madness has emerged in the novel once again. The story is complex and even goes to a psychological level in which two different species try to mate together. The explicit sex scenes also a bit different from usual love stories because the girl is showing resistance against the relation all the time, perhaps because she is a human and is mentally more mature and knows that sex is not about controlling your madness alone but it could also bring chaos in both worlds i.e humans and dragons. Something like that would surely be not acceptable in both the worlds and both of them would be cut off from their societies forever. Noelle Bridges and Jeremy York have once again done a wonderful job in narration and have made the story nice to hear.

Just like the other books in this series, that are Fire in His Blood and Fire in His Embrace, this one offers an irresistible sequence of events and the characters that you would never be leaving until you listen to it till the end.



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    Fire in His Blood Audiobook

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