Fire Keep


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Fire Keep: Farworld, Book 4

Fire Keep is the 4th and final book in the Farworld novel series. The book and the entire Farworld series is a science fiction fantasy, which is apt for teens and as well as adult book lovers. The novel is written by J. Scott Savage, who is a renowned writer among the young book lovers. A few other popular books from the author are Fires of Invention and Air Keep. Both sound good in their audiobook versions.

The narration for this Fire Keep novel is done by Shea Taylor. You will find her voice quite good as it gels up well with the characters being played.

Fire Keep

All the people of Farworld has started to come to terms with the possibility that Kyja could be dead, as there was no word from her since long. The people also believe that the quest to save both the Earth and the Farworld is finally over. In the try to bring back Kyja after finding her, Marcus is required to enter the possibly most dangerous place, which is the Realm of Shadows. In the meantime, Kyja wakes up in a weird world, which is of memories and lost souls. Having no idea that who she actually is, so Kyja wanders in the Fire Keep, which is a home to the most quick tempered of all of the 4 elementals.

The other spirits around there or around her have completely given up hope. On the other end, Kyja is driven with a strong sense that there is something absolutely wrong, which is getting worse with time. There she could hear a very familiar voice and the warning there was that the time is running out.


Air Keep

Slathbog’s Gold


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