Fire on the Fens

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Fire on the Fens is book 9 of the DI Nikki Galena novel series. The narration of this mystery thriller is done by Henrietta Meire, who managed to pull off a stunning performance for the audience, which they will cherish for a long time.

The Detective Nikki Galena is up against a cat and mouse fight with a murderer incendiary, while the Fens are burning. There is someone who is lighting fires. That anonymous someone is first targeting the homes and businesses, but soon a dead body is discovered at one of the crime scenes. More fire is lit now and at each fire lit incident, a dead body is found. All the victims of these incidents have led spotless lives and it apparently seems that there is absolutely no link in between them.

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The entire town is facing a very serious threat from a number of sinister Satanists, which is led by a charming young businesswoman. Who is there burning with utmost anger and is it possible for DI Nikki Galena to stop them all, before anybody else does? Things were getting literally out of control and Nikki was not having a clue where to start from and how to tackle this building up situation. But, it was just a matter of time.

The author Joy Ellis is a wonderful resource when it comes to producing the most thrilling, adventurous and suspenseful mystery fiction stories. Her archives are full of many such novels, which will make you believe or rather convince you to the author’s imagination. A couple of other exciting novels in the audiobook format from Joy Ellis are Their Lost Daughters and The Stolen Boys. Member Benefit

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