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    At the beginning of the previous part, Karigan found herself in a grave of stone out of which she saw more trouble. The future was in front of her when she came out of the troubled grave and it was not the future which she had hoped for. Many troubles and pains have made her land into the present of her choice but she is not normal at all.

    The situation in which she saw the empire shortly just don’t fade in her memory. Soon a time for joint venture approaches, Zachary the high king never wanted to send his beloved rider on another trip but he was short of good men. Karigan along with the squad is sent to the north on the official business. As she lefts the scene, the old Grandmother comes back to snatch the crown from the high king. She uses her deadly magic to replace the king with one of her dummies. Estora the queen soon finds out what has happened to the king but she fails to trace him down. Meanwhile, Karigan and her friends fall into a much deadlier trap as compared to Green Rider and First Rider’s Call.


    They realize that all of it was actually planned by the Grandmother and now she can take over everything in their absence. Kristen Britain has inculcated more drama in this part; it is clear through Ellen Archer’s narration too. More setbacks are there for the heroes as the evil has landed on their doorstep this time and they have met it unarmed. Perfect planning by the dark forces has trapped all of them in different situations and not all of them will survive this time.

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