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Forward-Stories of Tomorrow

Book one to six compiled in one is a blessing for those who wanted to go through the entire series all at once. Works of different authors like Veronica Roth, Amor Towles, Paul Tremblay, Blake Crouch and N.K Jemisin are on the same platform now and comparing them has never been so easy.

Every author has a different perception related to the concept of going to the future, some take it positive and for others it’s more than just destructive. First book lets us meet Samantha the woman who is collecting plant samples because the world is going to end sooner or later.

An asteroid is coming this way and people have evacuated the mother earth, not Samantha because she wants to stay till the end. And in between this emotional drama she finds a way out. In the form of time travel she thinks that she has a way to cure everything for the entire human race. The second story is the entrance in the game world for which the primary player has to die.

Now the other friend tries to bring that game figure in the real world. Then in another story a traveler comes back to the destroyed earth for the collection of sample. The ancestors of the humans left the earth centuries ago and now this new generation wants to know why they left earth. In the process the team lands on the place called the grave yard which is far more deadly then they imagined. The book is loaded with stories like the one you listen in books like Chosen Ones and Divergent. Different voices in narration for different stories, narrators like Evan Rachel Wood, Jason Isaacs, Steven Strait and Rosa Salazar really play the role in inducing excitement.

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