Glass Sword

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The world was divided between two groups according to the color of blood and also the inborn abilities that one group had and the other group lacked. Those with silver blood dominated the commoners with red blood for centuries and things would have gone the same way if Mare Barrow would not have emerged. She was taken in by the royal court because of her emerging powers to control the disastrous thing such as lightening. Even the king was amazed at first to find her odd powers as those with red blood don’t possess such a talent.

There comes news at the start of this second episode of the series that started at Red Queen i.e the king that brought Mare to her family is dead. This means Maven is king now but it is more threatening for the girl who has just escaped his deadly fangs.

Maven betrayed Mare when she wasn’t expecting and now there is a war mounting between the two. Mare is on the run but she thinks that she can find more like her somewhere far. For Maven it is an imminent threat because if she becomes successful in forging an army of red blood people like her there would surely be mutiny that would be too hot to handle.

On the other hand, Mare cannot control her emotions and she thinks that she too is becoming a little wild in her passion that would one day end her up like those with the Silver blood. Victoria Aveyeard’s creation can fully be enjoyed if one listens to this series up to War Storm i.e the final part of the series. Book has action, suspense, and a lot of threats around for the main character. Amanda Dolan mixes voices in narration according to the modes and situations in which Mare lands during the series.


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