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Not many people today know about the era in American history that was full of hatred for the black people, it was at that time when Emancipation Proclamation came to the ears. Natashia Deon takes us to 1840 when the slaves were not allowed to breathe even without the will or command of their masters. In such circumstances Naomi a teenage girl tries to change her fortune by running away from her master.

For her mother and sister that was not a wise choice to make because everywhere the black slaves are treated in the same way. In Georgia the place where she finds shelter is a brothel and there she finds true love and marry the white guy named Jeremy. After a year of their marriage Naomi gives birth to a daughter but on the same day she gets killed and Josey the newly born is taken in by Charles who is free from slavery now.

The little girl is told nothing about her family and mother. Being blonde haired and with fair skin Josey gets better opportunity to settle in life but then the campaign for the slaves start. Josey starts analyzing the difference in the attitude of the people towards the black people and she realizes that the world is not the same for everyone.

Novel brings several aspects of human relations in discussion and the core issue under discussion is of racism. Lisa Renee Pitts gives special time to Naomi’s character at the start of the novel and then the attention of the narrator shifts to Josey the second main character of the novel after Naomi’s ruthless murder.

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