Green Hills of Africa

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Whenever Hemingway’s work is selected for a read out one cannot say no to the temptation that comes along with the story. The story tempts us not only to go through all of it at the same time but also to search for hidden meanings and tales linked to it. Hemingway was one of those American writers who never wrote useless material. His books were with a concept and a thought involved in it.

Here the writer talks about his own journey to South Africa along with his family. The land seemed so pure to him that in made a place in his mind for eternity; we watch the green hills through the eyes of the author who was fascinated by the landscape for the first time. It was different from the place where he grew up in America and was still living.

Even our enthusiasm is aroused to listen about African landscape. And then after describing about the whole area he comes to hunting one of things that fascinated him the most. The chase and the kill appeal every hunter but here it is like living your dream.

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Authors love for hunting can be seen in The Old Man and the Sea his masterpiece in which everything was linked with the activity of hunting. It is a sign of manliness according to the book written by Hemingway, the passion is further enhanced by the narration of Josh Lucas.

Slow paced narration lets you enjoy the fragrance of the sweet air in the green hills of Africa. It is like entering a dream world like a king i.e provided with all the facilities and luxuries that you once desired. Member Benefit

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