Down the River unto the Sea


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    Walter Mosley’s another sensational novel comes with a bit modernization as well, the writer has tried to mix new things instead of going to much in the past. Though Walter has always shown greatness in depicting historical incidents along with the main story line but this time it is different. It is Joe this time instead of Easy Rawlins that we saw in stories like Charcoal Joe but the background is almost the same as Joe too runs a detective agency after his retirement from the NYPD.

    The only difference that we observe is that Joe is running the company with his daughter and not with his friends. Still the past hurts him as he was once framed and trapped, thus forced to face the horror he fails to get rid of even now. The haunting past comes to life when Joe gets a phone call out of nowhere who tells him that she was the one who framed him. She tells him that it was her duty to allure him into that deadly cage.

    Down the River unto the Sea

    Joe is left with no option rather than to go for a final disposition of his own case. Along with the main case and theme there a sub theme and a second case as well. Joe is trying to solve a murder case that is associated with a Black journalist. No the question arises that whether the two case interlink or it is just another one of Joe’s wild guess.

    Dion Graham narrates it simple and elegantly. No over sentiments but to the point narration is heard. The voice of the policemen who are in drunken state is given a little extra time and the rest goes in the same way.


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