The Grim Grotto


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Unfortunate events keep on getting darker in these episodes as with the passage of time more troubles have come to the three brave and unlucky orphans. They have tried to mend their lives and so far they have failed in it. It is not a happily ever after which the author Lemony Snicket has designed for them.

Some people in the audience think that the author wanted the primary characters to suffer perhaps because of the reason that he wanted to gain sympathy for them. It was not the case at all because at no point the author has shown that the characters are crying or running away.

Lemony has done it for the sake of fun so the tragedies are not very alarming which could break the heart of anyone. Tim Curry i.e the man who narrated The Bad Beginning, A Multi-Voice Recording, and The Vile Village too has also not tried to become over sentimental in narration. The story could be a bit complicated for the kids but it is not which should be kept away from them. The everyday issues of the children could be common for some kids who are living in boarding schools.

The Grim Grotto

Mechanical monsters rule this one and an old friend comes back into the picture who is in need of some serious help. Helping that old friend means getting into the face of danger once again. Though the friends have not been very helpful leaving them in the arms of danger is not a good deed at all. Be prepared of a deep dive because the book is going to take you on a faraway journey.


The Slippery Slope

The Penultimate Peril


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