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    Mathew McConaughey writes and narrates his memories about every sort of feeling he has ever gone through during his lifetime. The purpose of writing this book was actually to tell the people about the moments of success which don’t often come in our life at regular intervals. The author calls these moments green lights which soothe us for a moment and then they are gone. Book according to the author has taken fifty years as the subject matter was always in his mind, piling up with each passing year.


    Failures pinched Mathew’s soul on several occasions also there were moments when he cried a lot. But all of it was not permanent; life goes on in complete balance and harmony. When we experience sad moments, the moments of happiness meet us right in the next corner waiting for us loaded with joy. We can cherish this period to make us feel relax and forget about all the worries of life.

    The point is that one should try to live rather than trying to hide from the worries of life. All the aspects of life are its different colors which come and go at their right time; we should not get carried away with any of those.

    At the same time looking at green lights is not a bad option at all as it gives us hope and a passion to live life fully. The concept of the book is not unique but the way it is conveyed is new and easily understandable. If you buy this book keep it marked for the nighttime because it will soothe you for sure.

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